An Exclusive Dinner Party among the Poppies

The most intimate yet unforgettable get together you will ever experience is just one flower away.
Photography by Oliver Fly

Have you ever dreamed of sharing a moment with your loved ones among poppies, candlelight table setting and the summer breeze as only background? This might sound unrealistic, but not for Oliver Fly and Thuy Phan. The renowned Fine Art Film Photographer and the Luxury Event Designer teamed up to create a one of a kind atmosphere.

"This artistic realization was a dream come true but not without its dose of challenges" says Oliver Fly while observing what they all achieved as a team. 

While they all imagined how unique this decor would be, they still needed to make it achievable. Excitement was at the rendezvous, but creating a sophisticated dinner table in a poppy field needs some organization!

Of course, first, you need a poppy field. Those breathtaking red oceans only pop-up once a year for a few weeks. When, on one hand, it creates a more complex goal to achieve, on the other hand, this is where the magic occurs. This uniqueness that lasts less than a month produces a most surprising, and, above all, purest feeling of amazement. 

Photography by Oliver Fly

From Oliver’s eyes, red is a tricky color. One must find the perfect equipoise between this powerful hue and the gentleness of the flowers. This is the reason why they trusted the floral designer Laetitia C, Fleurs d'atelier, with the subtle art of flower arrangement. 

The aim was to create a table that would appear to float in a poppy realm.

"I was looking for something refreshing yet discreet as I didn’t want it to choke the magnificent natural landscape". The table, the poppies, they had a story to tell all together. "Therefore, I went for a color palette imbued with delicacy and softness. Collaborating with Joli Bazaar allowed us to design an exquisite table setting" explains the Planner.

Voguish with an enchanting touch, each and every detail has been minutely chosen.

So with time, patience and fineness of the details, together, they created this other-worldly beauty. Catherine from Made in Cake imagined a bespoke cake just for the occasion where her wafer paper poppies seemed to dance from the field to the gâteau as if there were one entity.

Photography by Oliver Fly
Photography by Oliver Fly
Photography by Oliver Fly

By bringing grace in each and every of their work, the result was full of emotion that Oliver Fly delightfully immortalized alongside the two talented videographers from Rouge Wedding.

And while writing those words, I can only lose myself again in this mystical heaven. Nature creates splendor but, when a team full of refinement and respect for it adds this little something magical, you can only be seduced. 

A must-live-dream at least once in a lifetime. 

Photography by Oliver Fly