The Best Restaurants in Paris this Summer

We say “food for thought” for a reason, because ,yes, food is a serious matter. Whether you are planning your birthday, catching up with your besties or celebrating your wedding anniversary, sharing a delicious meal is always the best way to create memories. Discover an insider’s list of Paris’ best gems, depending on the occasion!

Instagram Repost from Girafe Paris
For an Anniversary: Girafe, 16th

“All you need is love” said The Beatles, but they forgot to mention that love in front of the Eiffel Tower in the City of Love is even better. Nestled in the heart of the Cité de L’Architecture, travel through time in the spirit of the 30s with a unique view on the Iron Lady. Celebrate, always, but in style!


Instagram Repost from Bouillon L'Insta
For the French Touch: Bouillon Pigalle, 18th

Paris rhymes with love, café, baguette, but most importantly, food. If you are looking to go all in on the French culinary experience, there isn’t a better place than Bouillon Pigalle. The most Parisian restaurant of them all offers a traditional menu. If you are on a diet… consider another option! 


Instagram Repost from Big Mamma Group
For a Girls Night Out: Big Mamma Group, around Paris

While learning the latest gossip, all we want is some good food, good wine, with a sense of travel. Well, luckily for us, the 7 trattorias from the Big Mamma Group spread throughout Paris are exactly here for that. Tasty, simple, but most importantly, super fresh products. What are you waiting for?


Photography by Camille McGarry
For a Last Minute without a Booking: Bleu Bao, 9th

Dumplings and Bao Lovers, search no more! From Hong-Kong to Taiwan, this little gem is a true feast for your taste buds. A must-go at least once while in Paris for a casual dinner. Timeless.

Instagram Repost from Balagan Paris
For a Night with The Squad: Balagan, 1st

As the pioneer of Israeli culinary revival in Paris, Balagan is “the” place to have fun with your friends while mentally escaping to sunny Israel! A pleasure for the senses in this culinary bazaar with the vibe that goes with it. Be aware, it might be your new favorite place in town.


Photography by Camille McGarry
For a Sunday: Marcello, 6th

With the Summer being in full bloom, Paris’ terraces are back in the game. Located in the 6th district, this Italian cuisine revisits the classics with some tasty creations in one of the most cozy environments in town. Hidden, Stylish and Scrumptious! All we need on a warm summer day.


Instagram Repost from Racines des Prés
For a Family Reunion: Racines des Prés, 7th 

Time flies, and sometimes you didn’t have the chance to share the latest news with your dearest ones. And when the time comes, you want to do something special but with a friendly, like at home vibe. Seasonal, sophisticated, intimate, the perfect address to be together once more. 


Photography by Camille McGarry
For a Date: Django Paris, 9th 

It could be your first date, or a surprise for your spouse, whatever it is, know that Django is always a good idea. The concept is to share different plates while sipping a glass of rosé. The perfect way to break the ice or enjoy a romantic evening with your better half. Not to mention its sunny terrace for the perfect date. 


Instagram Repost from Blueberry Maki Bar
For a Lunch Meeting: Blueberry, 6th

Sister of Marcello, Blueberry is “the” way to (re)discover Makis with a completely different approach. Traditional with a modern twist, you will never look at sushi the same way after this experience. Who said raspberries weren't delicious with salmon? Curious to discover more? Head to the 6th district! 


Instagram repost from Le Perchoir Marais
For a Birthday: Le Perchoir, around Paris

More a rooftop than a restaurant, the several Perchoir Paris around the city, are the best way to celebrate while enjoying Paris’ gorgeous skyline. Cocktails, tapas, live music, it’s the perfect combination to honor the year that has gone by and cheer the beautiful one ahead!