Why is Provence Always a Good Idea?

Frederic Mistral once said “When the Good Lord begins to doubt the world, he remembers that he created Provence”. Land of poets and painters, Provence has this sweet perfume that soothes one’s heart. From medieval villages to natural wonders, it is an enchantment for the senses that will be engraved forever in your soul. Discover the prettiest villages in Provence to let go of time, and live purely in the present moment…
Photography by Oliver Fly

She doesn’t need a presentation, if Provence was one name, it would be Gordes. Perched on its rock, it offers spectacular views on the Luberon Valley while having all the charm of France. Majestic yet very intimate. 

Not to be missed: La Bastide de Gordes, and its one-of-a-kind view.

Photography by Oliver Fly

After some twisty cliff roads, between the craggy Alpilles and the Luberon Valley, lies the most Frenchie village of them all: Eygalières. Home to many delicious restaurants, our ultimate favorite will always be L’Aubergine. 

Photography by Oliver Fly

From June to July, the lavender fields are in full bloom, and Provence is painted violet. Immerse yourself in a world of senses. The delicate scent of lavender perfumes the atmosphere, the wind caresses your face, and the evening rays at sunset bring tranquility to your soul.

Before a photo shoot in this little heaven, indulge yourself with a lavender Ice-cream. 

Photography by Oliver Fly

We call it the “Provençal Colorado” for a reason. This natural beauty is a real surprise for one’s sight. With its warmly toned color scheme, it has been named one of France’s most beautiful villages. 

Must do: a walk through the “Sentier des Ocres” as if you were in a painting.

Photography by Oliver Fly

With its ancient pebble streets, Lacoste brings the medieval touch to another dimension. There’s nothing like a walk through this ancient village on your way to Bonnieux to understand the true nature of the history it carries. So French!

Photography by Oliver Fly

Perched up a hill (like most of the provençal villages you may say), Bonnieux offers a 360° view of the vineyards, lavender fields and surrounding villages. The perfect break for lunch between two visits. Our favorite, l'Arôme

Photography by Oliver Fly

As the most peaceful village, Oppède is a hidden gem only few people know. Old houses from the 16th century, a medieval church at the highest point of the village surrounded by beautiful ancient cypresses, you will feel a sense of calm and tranquility as soon as you step out of the car. 

Photography by Oliver Fly

With more than 40 fountains around town, most of them from the 18th century, Pernes has this relaxing, worry-free atmosphere; after enjoying the evening market on Wednesday, sip a glass of Rosé at Côté Jardin.